• Your Receipts Management. Simplified.

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    Receipt Management Workflow

    Supported File Formats: PDF, PNG, HEIC, JPEG, XLSX

    Benefits & Features

    Major Time Savings

    Automate your receipt management with Keepy. Simply email your receipts to keep@keepy.us, and our AI handles the rest, freeing up hours for you to focus on your business.

    Enhanced Organization and Accuracy

    Keepy ensures your expenses are organized and accurate. Our advanced and human-augmented AI eliminates errors in data entry, making it easy to track spending and prepare financial reports

    Cost Effective

    Say goodbye to expensive software and additional staff. Keepy offers a simple, flat-rate fee, providing a cost-effective solution for managing your financial records.


    With Keepy, your financial records are systematically organized and can easily be imported to your preferred tax software, ensuring you’re prepared and stress-free for tax and audit season.

    Collaborative Efficiency

    Collaborate seamlessly with colleagues, friends, and family. Keepy allows multiple users to manage receipts together, improving efficiency and ensuring everyone stays on the same page.

    Flexibility and Control

    Manage your expenses on your terms. Keepy uses Google Sheets for data management, allowing you to access and control your data from anywhere, on any device.